Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurray, new blog!

And I actually paid some of my own moneyz for the domain name too, even though I didn't think I would ever do something like that. I really wanted this name for my blog, and I was rather pissed when I found out "" and "" were taken by two basically empty ones. Grr.

Anyway, I wanted a blog like this for awhile, just to write random bits about all sorts of different "complicated stuff", not just restricted to iPhone Linux stuff. Also, it gives me a freer hand to participate in the epic troll/gang war that is all our interactions with Zibri nowadays. =P I didn't want to fill up the Linux blog with any more of that garbage, but it will amuse me to respond to his response, I suppose.

With all due respect to Zibri (even if telling me to "STFU" wasn't really nice, or even helpful to his own cause), I really can't believe him.

They say:
"QuickPwn contains all-original code and features a very tiny bootstrapper that allows it to use libraries and code that's already on the iPhone."

Now just know this:
without "bl39.bin" and "bl46.bin" their BOOTNEUTER would NEVER work.

Oh, for Pete's sake. The first word of the quotation he cited is "QuickPwn" and he's objecting to some files that "BOOTNEUTER" needs. They are obviously two separate things. One is a jailbreak and the other is an unlock. Newcomers to the scene can be forgiven for conflating the two, but he's been around long enough. The best part is that we didn't even start packaging BootNeuter with QuickPwn until RC2 or RC3 or something. Actually, no, the best part is that Mac QuickPwn doesn't even include BootNeuter even now.

Addressing his complaint against BootNeuter is easy enough too, (and important to do, since it is also our product), but I and several other people have already done it before. In fact, I already had typed something up for this post, but I know I have a problem with being over-locquacious, and there's no point in belaboring it, so I just deleted it all.

Anyway, please, no more "lol stop fighting", "get back to the unlock", "I don't care", "are you 12?", "you should join forces" comments. (I think that covers about all the possible responses we get.) We know: you are very mature and a big man for being able to rise above the fray. You are the paragon of maturity and impartiality. Now leave us alone, and spare the world your banal sentiments. ;)

You guys have to realize that the point of the post is not to persuade anyone of anything; thus I don't care if you don't care.It was intended to provide information (which I try very hard to make truthful and unbiased) so people have an alternative to the version of reality publishes. Instead, people took it as a "Why you should hate Zibri" post or "Why you should use Dev Team products instead Zibri's products" post.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really care that much. We don't really get anything out of people using dev team stuff. We don't get any donations. We don't get any notoriety, since we do everything as a group. (Admit it, that post was the first time you've heard of my name, or knew I was even remotely involved in QuickPwn. =P) The only thing I get out of people using our products are complaints and bug reports. All of it just adds up to a lot of stress, since a lot of people are depending on us. The one thing I do get out of it is to be able to hang out with some really smart people and share knowledge with them. The way I earn their respect is to do good work, but good work is good work even if no one uses it and bad work is still bad work even if it's the most popular thing in the world.

What we want to do is help people. And personally, I wouldn't have a problem recommending ZiPhone or anything else if I think it would help. I think shortly after ZiPhone was released, I've said either on a forum or in IRC (or in private while helping someone or something) that the exploit used in ZiPhone was the best one we know of and to go ahead and use it. This was, of course, before I investigated his exact implementation.

I applaud the individuals who don't care and use the best tool available. People should use the best tool available; to hell with brand loyalty.

However, there's no point in patting yourself on the back too hard about it. Use the best tool, but be respectful of the ones who do the work. I feel it is completely disrespectful when people accuse us of being immature, or bickering when all that was posted was a list of trivially verifiable facts (which Zibri himself did not bother to refute), and especially when I was careful to avoid even saying anything that could be CONSTRUED as a personal attack against Zibri. I feel that that my post, my response to his "About QuickPwn..." post, was restrained and appropriate. If you disagree, please follow my example and do so in a respectful manner and without ad hominem attacks.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to get back in the rhythm of going to school. Still haven't got Internet in my new apartment yet, so I'm personally not going to be doing much. We're planning a big QuickPwn update that should wrap things up. You can help out by offering to be a beta tester. Be aware that being a beta tester is NOT FUN and requires a lot of time testing, PROMPT RESPONSE TIMES, and possibly filling out LARGE AMOUNTS OF PAPERWORK to our satisfaction.

It is pretty much impossible for us to get good testers. The QuickPwn releases were supposed to be a beta, but people don't seem to realize you're supposed to submit FEEDBACK for betas, hahaha. *sighs*


Unknown said...

I agree completely. There is no need for zibri to continue his blathering. Just keep it to himself and admit that there is competition and don't worry about it. People should be able to choose which tool they want to use. Just like choosing between shapeshifter and facade for a mac themeing solution. As to giving feedback, I don't know if you are talking about windows or mac, so I'll do both. Mac version works flawlessly, except the time where quickpwn froze where it was apprently loading some files, windows pwnage tool 2.5 seems to have the basics down, but if I were the GUI maker I would redesign a lot of the pwning process partsto look better and would also redesign some buttons, but overall nice work devteam!

Tugopolis said...

Agree 100% with you...
More, I have for my personal use 3 iphones, being 1 first gen 8gig, 1 3G 16gig, and 1 3G 8gig... I am a 100% user, 100% of the time. So, if you need beta testers, count me in...
Thanks for all your work...
Orlando, Portugal

McCormick89 said...

Thanks for all your hard work! I'm new to jailbreaking but QuickPwn was super easy and I have used it on my friends iPhones too! I love it and thanks.